Terra-Mars ultimate goal is to profitably end world hunger and restore 50% of the world's arable land to the biodiversity it once supported

Role: UX Designer 

Timeline: Three weeks 

Tools: Sketch, InVision, Principle & Miro

Platform: Responsive Web

UX Techniques: Competitive Analysis, Survey, Interviews, Affinity Diagram, User Persona, Scenario, Site Map, Wireframes, Usability Testing, Prototyping

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Use storytelling through design - to create a website to educate and scale for aquaponics research

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Design Challenges:

Understanding the scope of the business goals

A huge vision that spanned agriculture, space travel and theme parks.

Understanding the design direction

What was the goal of the website? Education, crowdfunding, story-telling, agricultural sales or....?  

Understanding our users

Designing for no specific audience 

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Design Decisions

Define Direction

☞     Since client was not ready to launch his crowdfunding campaign, we should focus on telling the story of Terra Mars and provide information.

Define style

☞     During competitive analysis, everything was green washed. Futuristic style set brand direction


☞     Design became too information heavy,  use interactive elements to keep engagement



☞   Try not to make design decisions before you complete your research 

☞   Understanding the vision of the business is crucial to designing

☞    Information heavy websites require strong UX & UI to make ideas come alive

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