A (not so) simple story of improving a user flow

Role: Product Designer 
Timeline: 11 days
Tools: Adobe XD, Whimsical
Platform: Responsive Web

Summary: FrontFundr is an equity based crowdfunding platform. They connect private sector businesses to potential investors by curating opportunities and making them accessible to any level of investor. 

Improve the new investor on-boarding process 



Client presentation was in 11 days

We had a short day agile sprint to break the project down, understand, investigate & present our findings.

Users had question fatigue.


Too many form fields (up to 83) and users didn’t understand the language.

However, we were not allowed to remove any of the questions nor change the copy.

Manage user  expectations 

Users expected the process to be as simple as buying a book on Amazon, but were confused when they got asked questions about how much money they make. 


Design Decisions

Rearrange the questions

☞     Start with single question screens (not to overwhelm the user)
☞     Push easy to answer questions (quick wins) to the start
☞     Group similar questions
☞     Factor in the two existing data calculators

Increase engagement
☞    To simplify each screen (remove distractions & exit points)
☞    Create a flex space that can be used to manage expectations, insert brand voice, and educate 

mockuper (2).png


☞   Consider all the variables. There are a lot of financial regulations set by a variety of securities commissions (one for each province)
☞   Make teachable moments part of the process, not a separate step
☞   Your first ideas for solutions might not dive deep enough

RED Flow v2.png