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 Logistics Supervisor
 + Departures Coordinator 




Herschel Supply Co
March 2017 – May 2017 (Three month contract)
Vancouver, BC

+ Without a script, answered incoming customer calls, emails & live chat regarding warranty claims, billing issues, product specifications, and general client questions
+ Updated customer & product information database during and after each call
+ Initiated product team demonstrations to provide for knowledge for entire team
+ Led cross-functional team to develop and implement global customer satisfaction survey executing net promoter score & direct client relationships
+ Learned & integrated SalesForce Desk, LiveChat, Shopify, Elastic Path, Excel, & Survey Monkey


+ Supervised, scheduled and provided support for over 40 tour guides and drivers
+ On call for 24/7 for staff and passenger emergencies with a focus on creative thinking and problem solving
+ Orchestrated bus departures, crowd control, and passenger check in while
maintaining high level of customer service
+ Identified opportunities to increase operational efficiencies and guest experience
by monitoring and actioning feedback and guide reports
+ Developed standard operating procedures for all aspects of the operations team
+ Oversaw hiring, training, and on boarding of new tour guides and drivers
+ Organized events and parties to develop team cohesion and dynamics
+ Demonstrated commitment to ensuring company and partner suppliers policies
and procedures were being adhered to
+ Logistical management for coach bookings, ferry reservations, itineraries and passenger lists

July 2017 – Present
Vancouver, BC



TopDeck Travel
April 2014 – October 2016


+ Managed tours, ranging from three to thirty six days, through over 25 countries
+ Consistently exceeded passenger expectations by going above and beyond, achieving a Grade A feedback level and repeat bookings
+ Delivered the “trip of a lifetime” for several hundred passengers from different cultures, personalities, language backgrounds, and ages
+ Effectively communicated between suppliers, passengers, on-road crews, and head office to ensure smooth operations
+ Quickly able to manage crisis' and problem solve unforeseen circumstances, such as injuries or emergencies
+ Successfully managed accounts of several thousand euro, adhering to a budget
+ Learnt and relayed information on each destination in interesting and creative ways

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PEAK / AmeriCan Adventure Travel
April 2013 - October 2014
North America

+ Planned and organized the day to day operations of tours across North America
+ Varied specifics for tours of a variety of brands including Intrepid Travel, Trek America,
Grand American Adventures, and more
+ Drove passengers for the duration of tour while being responsible for all aspects of safety,
ranging from bear safety to the daily maintenance of vehicle
+ Independently led tour groups for up to one month

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Vibrant Ideation and Marketing
May 2012 – April 2013
Victoria & Vancouver, BC

+ Became the spokesperson for selected brands and products
+ Built key relationships with stores and managers in multiple locations, and offered product
knowledge and samples to target consumers
+ Promoted brands by seizing every opportunity to engage consumers and connect them to
the brand or product experience



August 2010 – June 2011
Hamilton, ON

+  Managed and provided leadership for a national motivational team
+ Liaised with educational professionals to coordinate team’s extensive tour schedule
+ Orchestrated three hundred performances without missing a single booking despite bus
breakdowns and equipment failures
+ Spearheaded public speaking engagements and social justice workshops for over to over
50,000 students and staff
+ Demonstrated effective conflict management and workload management skills
+ Supervised the set-up and tear down of complex audio-visual systems
+ Drove tour buses across the country and performed safety checks on vehicles and




User Experience (UX) Design Dipolma

RED Academy

June 2019

Project based applied learning focused on:
+ Human-Centric design thinking
+ Research methods + usability testing
+ Prototypes using Sketch & InVision

Bachelor of Arts

Youth Leadership at Summit Pacific College
Summa Cum Laude: GPA: 4.1 on a 4.3 scale

Summit Pacific College 
April 2013

Leisha Connoly

Former Trip Leader Liason at TopDeck Travel    


Zach Wylie  

Former OMEGA Director at Summit Pacific College &  Director for Imagine Thailand

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